Motown every friday

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Motown Friday
with Kane Matthews

Hailing from London, Kane Matthews is not just a singer, actor, and songwriter; he’s a soulful force that brings the magic of Motown to life. Kane recently toured the UK & Ireland with ‘Dreamgirls’ and played a pivotal role in the first UK tour of ‘Motown the Musical’.


Under the stage name Matt Kane, his original works have earned spots on top Spotify playlists and TV stations worldwide. Kane’s versatile talent has been showcased on various television shows, including Children in Need, Top of the Pops, and more.

Motown Experience

Founded by Berry Gordy Jr. in 1959, Motown Records has been the heartbeat of soulful melodies. With its roots in Detroit, Motown created a cultural phenomenon that continues to resonate worldwide. 


Enjoy Delicious Southern American Cuisine

Enjoy our Southern American cuisine, signature cocktails, and soulful beats. Elevate your dining experience with the flavors of the South!

Live soul & motown experience

Gather your friends and family for an evening filled with Motown classics, delicious food, and the charismatic presence of Kane Matthews. 

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