Relishing Soul Food with the Perfect Wine Pairings

Relishing Soul Food with the Perfect Wine Pairings

Soul food, a culinary genre deeply rooted in African-American history, is a celebration of the spirit of togetherness, culture, and hearty, flavoursome food. It’s a cuisine that brings warmth to your heart and soul, hence the name. But have you ever thought about pairing wine with soul food? While the concept may seem novel to some, the art of complementing soul food staples with the right wines can elevate your dining experience to a whole new level of enjoyment.
In this article, we delve into the world of soul food and its ideal wine companions. We’ll explore how different types of wines can enhance the taste of various soul food dishes. So, let’s embark on this flavoursome journey filled with comfort foods and wines that will tingle your taste buds and warm your soul.

The Art of the Perfect Wine Pairings with Soul Food

The common saying, “What grows together, goes together,” might seem challenging when it comes to soul food, as no fine wine grows in traditional soul food regions. However, with careful consideration, we can uncover some delightful wine pairings that harmonise beautifully with soul food’s robust flavours.

When pairing wine with soul food, consider the following:

  1. Balance: Seek a balance between the wine and the dish. Neither should overpower the other. For instance, a rich, heavy dish should be paired with a full-bodied wine.
  2. Acidity and Tannin: Acidity in wine can cut through fatty, rich foods, making them feel lighter. Tannins, on the other hand, can mellow out with protein-rich foods.
  3. Flavour Links: Look for wines that complement or contrast the flavours of the dish. For instance, spicy dishes can benefit from a slightly sweet, fruity wine.
  4. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different combinations. Remember, the best pairing is one that pleases your palate.

A Guide to Soul Food and Wine Pairings

Now that we have some ground rules let’s dive into specific soul food dishes and their best wine counterparts.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken, with its crispy exterior and juicy interior, is a classic soul food dish. The best wine to pair with this, believe it or not, is something sparkling. The bubbles and acidity in a good sparkling wine, such as Champagne or Prosecco, can cut through the greasiness of the chicken, balancing out its rich flavours.

Grits and Shrimp

This creamy, comforting dish hailing from the American South has a rich texture and flavour profile. A bright, substantial wine like a Spanish Cava or a Sauvignon Blanc from the U.S. can perfectly complement this dish. These wines have the texture to cut through the cheesy, buttery grits yet stand up to the richness of the shrimp.

Collard Greens

Collard greens, a staple in soul food cuisine, bring a certain level of bitterness to the plate. A high-acid wine such as Sauvignon Blanc can balance out this bitterness. Its bright and acidic nature contrasts with the hearty greens, creating a harmonious pairing.

Barbecue and Ribs

Barbecue and smoked dishes have rich, smoky, and sweet flavours. A robust, fruity red wine, like Zinfandel or Syrah, can complement these flavours. These wines have enough body and fruitiness to stand up to the bold flavours of barbecue and smoked ribs.

Macaroni and Cheese

This rich, creamy, and cheesy dish is a soul food favourite. It calls for a wine that is fruity or minerally. A Malbec, Merlot, Beaujolais, or even a young Gaglioppo can provide enough dryness to cut through the cheese while still being fruity enough to keep things light and enjoyable.


Whether it’s a slice of pound cake or a serving of banana pudding, finding the right wine pairing for desserts can be tricky. One option is to pair your sweet treat with deep, rich flavours. A Cabernet Sauvignon or a red wine blend can complement the sweetness of desserts, creating a balanced and satisfying finish to your meal.

Here’s an overview of some of the wines we offer at Americana for the Perfect Wine Pairings:

2022 El Supremo Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina)

The 2022 El Supremo Malbec emanates from the heart of Mendoza, a region renowned worldwide for its majestic Malbec wines. This particular vintage encapsulates the passion and vigour of Argentine winemaking.
At first glance, the wine showcases a deep, rich purple hue, a signature characteristic of Malbecs from this region. Swirling the glass reveals legs that signify its well-structured body. On the nose, it unfurls a bouquet of ripe blackberries, plum, and a hint of violet, typical of this varietal, accompanied by subtle undertones of vanilla and earthy leather, likely attributed to its oak ageing.
Upon tasting, the palate is immediately greeted with a delightful mix of dark fruit flavours, complemented by notes of chocolate and a touch of black pepper spice. This Malbec carries a robust yet balanced structure, with velvety tannins that glide seamlessly into a lingering finish.
Best enjoyed with a hearty grilled steak or a rich lamb stew, this wine is not just a beverage but an experience, transporting the sipper to the sun-soaked vineyards of Mendoza, where the Andes mountains cast their long shadows, and the Malbec grape reigns supreme.

2021 El Supremo Cabernet Sauvignon (Mendoza, Argentina)

Hailing from Mendoza, a region celebrated for its profound viticultural prowess, the 2021 El Supremo Cabernet Sauvignon is a reflection of Argentina’s dedication to the craft of winemaking.
In the glass, this wine boasts a mesmerising deep ruby hue, resonating with the vibrancy and depth of the Cabernet Sauvignon grape. As the wine dances in the light, it reveals a medium to full-bodied consistency, hinting at its substantial yet refined structure.
The initial aroma offers an inviting blend of blackcurrant and cherry, inherent to the Cabernet grape, while further exploration reveals layers of eucalyptus, cedarwood, and a whisper of bell pepper. These nuanced notes hint at the meticulous ageing process, likely in a combination of old and new oak barrels.
A sip reveals a symphony of flavours. Luscious dark fruits like blackberries and cassis dominate the palate, intertwining with a backbone of structured tannins. As the wine opens up, delicate hints of mocha, tobacco, and a trace of savoury herbs emerge, building up to a finish that is both lingering and harmonious.
It’s a wine that calls for robust pairings – think slow-roasted beef, earthy mushrooms, or aged cheeses. In every sip, one can taste the spirit of Mendoza – a region where the vast Andean landscape meets the dedication of generations of winemakers, culminating in a bottle of sheer elegance and finesse.

2020 Seleccion Especial, Ramon Bilbao

From the storied cellars of Ramon Bilbao comes the 2020 Seleccion Especial, a wine that is both a tribute to traditional winemaking and a testament to modern innovations.
Pouring it into a glass, one is immediately captivated by its intense garnet colour, a visual promise of the richness within. The wine’s clarity and luminosity suggest a meticulous production process, where every detail has been honed to perfection.
A gentle swirl releases an aromatic symphony. First, the ripe notes of red fruits like strawberries and cherries grace the senses, swiftly followed by more complex undertones of blackberries and plums. As the bouquet unfolds, one can discern hints of warm spices, toasted oak, and a subtle touch of mineral, reflective of the terroir from which it springs.
On the palate, the Seleccion Especial does not disappoint. It’s a harmonious blend of vibrant fruitiness and refined maturity. The berry flavours are beautifully complemented by notes of vanilla, liquorice, and a dash of white pepper. The wine’s structure is robust, with well-integrated tannins that provide depth without overwhelming the palate. Each sip culminates in a finish that is both persistent and elegant.
A versatile companion to food, this wine pairs exquisitely with hearty dishes, such as braised meats, mature cheeses, and traditional Spanish tapas. Drinking the Seleccion Especial is akin to embarking on a journey through Spain’s wine heritage, where every note and nuance is a reflection of Ramon Bilbao’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

2021 Vinho Regional Lisboa Tinto, Evaristo, Portugal

The Evaristo winery, nestled in the diverse wine region of Lisboa, introduces the 2021 Vinho Regional Lisboa Tinto – a red that embodies the essence of Portuguese viticulture.
In appearance, the wine immediately captivates with a vibrant, ruby-red colour that seems to glow from within the glass. Its vivacity hints at the youth and freshness of the vintage. When tilted, it paints the glass with delicate legs, suggesting a medium-bodied texture and an intimate dance between acidity and alcohol.
Upon nosing, the bouquet is a delightful mélange of red fruits: think cherries, raspberries, and a hint of strawberry. But there’s more to its aromatic story. Undertones of floral notes, perhaps violets or lavender, intermingle with a hint of Mediterranean herbs and a whisper of freshly tilled earth, offering a rich tapestry of aromas that speak to the unique Lisboa terroir.
Tasting the Vinho Regional Lisboa Tinto is a journey in itself. Initial flavours of juicy red berries are swiftly complemented by nuances of black tea, leather, and a slight touch of white pepper, adding complexity and intrigue. This wine displays a harmonious balance between its fruit-forward character and the subtle influence of oak, leading to a finish that is as smooth as it is lasting.
This wine, with its versatility and inherent charm, pairs beautifully with a range of dishes, from Portuguese classics like bacalhau to robust stews or even grilled vegetables. Enjoying the 2021 Vinho Regional Lisboa Tinto is akin to taking a sensory stroll through the sun-soaked vineyards of Lisboa, accompanied by the whispers of Evaristo’s rich winemaking heritage.

2021 Tapiz Malbec (Mendoza, Argentina)

Nestled within the famed terroirs of Mendoza is the 2021 Tapiz Merlot, an emblematic representation of Argentina’s ability to bring out the best in diverse grape varietals.
In the glass, this Merlot showcases a sumptuous garnet hue, shimmering with deep red undertones. The colour depth alludes to a concentrated richness, further emphasised by the wine’s silky legs, which cascade down the glass, suggesting both structure and grace.
A gentle swirl reveals a fragrant bouquet that beckons the senses. Initial aromas of juicy red cherries and ripe plums are complemented by softer undertones of dried herbs and a touch of toasted oak. There’s a hint of Mendoza’s signature earthiness, interwoven with subtle notes of dark chocolate and vanilla, painting a multi-layered aromatic picture.
On the palate, the 2021 Tapiz Merlot delivers a symphony of flavours. The fruit-forward profile of fresh berries and plums is seamlessly balanced with nuances of sweet spice, tobacco, and a delicate minerality. This wine possesses a medium-bodied texture, with tannins that are both soft and structured, creating a harmonious balance that ensures a lasting, velvety finish.
A versatile accompaniment to a range of dishes, the 2021 Tapiz Merlot shines when paired with roasted poultry, pasta dishes with red sauces, or even a rich mushroom risotto. Every glass serves as a reminder of Mendoza’s unique landscape, where the majestic Andes stand guard, and the vineyards stretch endlessly, each grape capturing the essence of this land’s rich winemaking heritage.

2021 Aconcagua Costa Pinot Noir, Montes Limited Selection, Chile

Emerging from Chile’s esteemed Aconcagua Costa region, the 2021 Montes Limited Selection Pinot Noir is a wine that embodies the fusion of coastal influences and Chilean winemaking brilliance.
Visually, this Pinot Noir is a delightful spectacle. It bears a delicate ruby hue, often characteristic of the grape, with a translucence that dances in the light. The wine’s fluid movement suggests a light to medium body, a graceful ballet within the confines of the glass.
Upon approaching the nose, it unfurls a diverse aromatic tapestry. Bright notes of red cherries and fresh strawberries are the first to greet, closely followed by hints of rose petals and crushed violets. As one delves deeper, subtle undertones of wet forest floor, a hallmark of Pinot Noir’s earthy character, become apparent. Laced within are whispers of spice and a touch of saline minerality, undoubtedly a nod to the coastal breezes of the Aconcagua region.
Tasting the 2021 Aconcagua Costa Pinot Noir is an exploration of elegance and balance. The vibrant red fruit flavours mirror the nose, dancing on the palate with a zestiness that’s characteristic of cooler coastal regions. Notes of cranberries and raspberries mingle with hints of tea leaves and soft spices. The wine’s tannins are fine-grained and unobtrusive, leading to a finish that is as refreshing as it is long-lasting.
The Montes Limited Selection serves as a versatile partner to food. It beautifully complements dishes like grilled salmon, roasted duck, or even a hearty beetroot salad. When one indulges in this Pinot Noir, it’s more than just a tasting – it’s an immersion into the heart of Chile’s Aconcagua Costa, a region where the ocean meets the vines and every bottle tells a story of terroir and craftsmanship.

2018 Bordeaux Supérieur, Château des Antonins, France

From the historic wine landscapes of Bordeaux emerges the 2018 Bordeaux Supérieur from Château des Antonins, a wine that epitomises the rich legacy and precision of French viticulture.
In its presentation, the wine reveals a deep garnet colour, with flashes of crimson hinting at its vigour and depth. The wine’s clarity in the glass suggests both maturity and finesse, hallmarks of the Bordeaux Supérieur designation.
The aromatic profile is both enticing and layered. Dominant notes of blackcurrant and ripe plum blend seamlessly with subtler undertones of tobacco leaf, cedarwood, and a touch of graphite. As it opens, it gently unveils whispers of dried herbs and a delicate floral nuance reminiscent of violets.
On tasting, the 2018 vintage from Château des Antonins truly comes to life. It presents a palate bursting with flavours of dark berries and cherries, supported by a backbone of well-integrated oak that offers hints of vanilla and toasted almond. Its structure is both robust and elegant, with silky tannins that guide the wine to a persistent and harmoniously balanced finish.
While already exhibiting a refined character, this Bordeaux Supérieur also showcases the potential for further ageing. Its complexities are likely to deepen, offering even richer nuances with time.
Perfectly suited for a sumptuous meal, this wine pairs brilliantly with classic French dishes such as duck confit or a rich beef bourguignon. Every sip of the 2018 Bordeaux Supérieur from Château des Antonins transports the drinker to the picturesque vineyards of Bordeaux, where tradition meets innovation, and every bottle is a testament to the art of winemaking.

2018 Great Southern Shiraz, Three Lions, Western Australia

From the expansive and pristine wine regions of Western Australia, the 2018 Great Southern Shiraz by Three Lions stands as a testament to the elegance and power of Australian viticulture.
Visually, the wine radiates a profound ruby hue, interspersed with deep violet undertones, hinting at the intensity and richness one can anticipate from such a storied region. Its movement in the glass suggests a wine of depth and body, yet with an inherent finesse.
The nose is greeted by a lush bouquet, where dominant notes of ripe blackberries and dark cherries make a bold entrance. These are beautifully intertwined with subtler hints of eucalyptus, black pepper, and a touch of leather, adding layers of complexity. As the wine breathes, there’s an undertone of mocha, likely a nod to the judicious use of oak in its maturation.
The palate of the 2018 Great Southern Shiraz does not disappoint. It delivers a rich tapestry of flavours, from the opulent dark fruits detected in its aroma to traces of liquorice, dark chocolate, and a spicy warmth, characteristic of the Shiraz varietal. The wine’s texture is sumptuous, with velvety tannins that envelop the mouth, guiding it to a long and resonant finish.
Given its structure and composition, this Shiraz promises to age gracefully, with the potential for the flavours to further integrate and evolve over the coming years.
As for pairings, the wine effortlessly complements robust dishes like grilled lamb, spicy barbecue ribs, or even rich mushroom risottos. Each glass of the 2018 Great Southern Shiraz from Three Lions is a journey through Western Australia’s diverse landscapes, capturing the spirit of a region where the ancient soils and cool maritime breezes craft wines of remarkable character and distinction.

2017 Zinfandel, Bonterra Organic Vineyards, Mendocino, CA

Emerging from the verdant valleys of Mendocino, California, the 2017 Zinfandel by Bonterra Organic Vineyards stands as an ode to environmentally-conscious winemaking and the robust character of the Zinfandel grape.
In the glass, the wine presents itself with a rich, deep, ruby tone, imbued with flashes of garnet, suggesting its maturity and depth. The vibrancy of its colour, alongside its languid legs, portends a wine with both body and grace.
On the nose, it’s a captivating experience. At the forefront are generous aromas of juicy blackberries and sun-ripened raspberries, followed by the enticing scent of black peppercorn. Mingling within this aromatic dance are subtler notes of toasted vanilla, a hint of clove, and an undercurrent of bramble, capturing the wild, organic essence of its Mendocino roots.
The palate is treated to a robust array of flavours. Lush dark fruits, particularly plum and black cherry, meld seamlessly with nuances of warm spice, dark chocolate, and a touch of tobacco. This Zinfandel offers a balanced acidity that complements its medium to full body, rounded out by supple tannins that lead to a long, satisfying finish.
While the 2017 vintage is immediately inviting, its structured profile suggests the potential for graceful ageing, with flavours poised to become even more harmonious over time.
In terms of pairings, this wine finds its match in dishes like smoked barbecue, hearty pasta, or even spicy Asian cuisine. Every sip of the 2017 Zinfandel from Bonterra Organic Vineyards takes one on a journey through the sun-kissed terrains of Mendocino, offering a taste of a vineyard where the earth is revered and every grape is a reflection of sustainable passion and craftsmanship.

2018 Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon, Louis Martini, Napa

From the heart of Napa, known globally for its premium vineyards and winemaking legacy, emerges the 2018 Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon by Louis Martini. This wine stands as a testament to the region’s prowess in crafting unparalleled Cabernet Sauvignons.
Upon pouring, the wine paints the glass with a lustrous, deep garnet hue, alive with rich maroon undertones. The depth of its colour hints at its complex character, and its languid legs suggest a harmonious blend of alcohol, tannins, and acid.
The aroma is both lavish and intricate. Classical notes of cassis and ripe blackberries lead to the olfactory experience. As you delve deeper, there’s a symphony of subtler tones: hints of sandalwood, leather, and a touch of dried sage, creating a multi-dimensional aromatic profile.
Taking a sip, the palate is greeted with a robust cascade of flavours. The bold black fruits detected on the nose are present, enriched by nuances of dark chocolate, roasted coffee beans, and a touch of black pepper. The oak ageing has imparted whispers of vanilla and toasted caramel, blending seamlessly with the fruit-forward profile. The wine’s tannins are both structured and velvety, ensuring a mouthfeel that is bold yet refined, leading to an enduring, elegant finish.
While the 2018 vintage is already displaying its grandeur, the wine’s robust structure indicates a potential for further maturation, allowing the flavours to integrate and evolve over the coming years.
Perfect when paired with sumptuous dishes such as grilled steaks, lamb shanks, or rich mushroom risotto, this wine truly shines. With every sip of the 2018 Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon, one is transported to the scenic vineyards of Napa, a reminder of Louis Martini’s commitment to quality, tradition, and the artistry of winemaking.

2017 Pinot Noir, Omero, Willamette Valley, Oregon

From the picturesque terrains of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, the 2017 Pinot Noir by Omero is a striking representation of the region’s ability to nurture and produce world-class Pinot Noir wines.

In the glass, the wine exhibits a radiant garnet colour, carrying an aura of translucence typical of the Pinot Noir varietal. Its shimmering appearance hints at a wine that is both delicate and filled with depth.

A gentle swirl unlocks its aromatic potential. At the forefront, there are enticing scents of red cherries and wild strawberries, evoking memories of summer’s bounty. These fruity notes are gracefully intertwined with subtleties of dried rose petals, forest floor, and a hint of fresh mushroom, presenting a nuanced bouquet that captures the essence of Oregon’s terroir.
On the palate, the 2017 Omero Pinot Noir sings with a harmonious blend of flavours. Bright red fruit tones of cranberry and raspberry meld seamlessly with earthier undertones of truffle and wet stone. There’s a whisper of baking spices, perhaps a gentle nod to its time spent in oak. The wine’s tannins are soft and approachable, ensuring a silky mouthfeel that leads to a lingering, resonant finish.
Whether paired with roasted poultry, creamy pasta, or enjoyed on its own, this wine offers a delightful experience. Each sip of the 2017 Pinot Noir from Omero transports one to the mist-covered hills of the Willamette Valley, serving as a tribute to the meticulous craftsmanship and passion that defines Oregon’s winemaking landscape.

2020 BenMarco Expresivo Malbec, Susana Balbo, Mendoza, Argentina

From the sun-drenched valleys of Mendoza, the 2020 BenMarco Expresivo Malbec by Susana Balbo exemplifies the rich legacy of Argentinian winemaking. This wine is a vibrant tapestry of flavour and aroma, weaving together the distinct characteristics of its terroir.
Upon pouring, one is greeted with a deep, inky-purple hue, indicative of its concentration and depth. The nose is met with a lavish bouquet of ripe blackberries, blueberries, and hints of violet, which is a nod to the classic Malbec profile.
On the palate, this Expresivo Malbec does not hold back. It unfolds with layers of juicy dark fruits intertwined with nuances of dark chocolate, liquorice, and a touch of spicy black pepper. The wine is beautifully structured, with firm yet silky tannins that pave the way for a long, resonant finish that carries a slight mineral undertone reminiscent of Mendoza’s rocky soils.
Expertly crafted under the watchful eye of Susana Balbo, a luminary in the Argentinian wine world, this Malbec stands as a testament to the region’s prowess in producing world-class wines that captivate and inspire. Whether savoured alone or paired with hearty meat dishes, it promises an authentic journey through the heart of Argentina’s wine country.

2018 Palermo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Orin Swift, Napa

Emerging from the revered landscapes of Napa Valley, the 2018 Palermo Cabernet Sauvignon by Orin Swift encapsulates the very essence of world-class Californian winemaking.
The wine, when poured, unfurls a striking deep garnet hue, embodying the promise of its depth and intensity. The aroma beckons with an alluring medley of blackcurrant, ripe plum, and a hint of tobacco, harmoniously melding with whispers of toasted oak and subtle mocha.
Upon tasting, the Palermo Cabernet doesn’t disappoint. It boasts a vibrant tapestry of flavours: dark cherries, blackberries, and cassis take centre stage, harmoniously dancing with undertones of vanilla, leather, and a sprinkle of clove. The wine’s tannic structure is both assertive and elegantly smooth, culminating in a finish that lingers, echoing its complexity and grace.
Crafted under the masterful guidance of Orin Swift, this Cabernet Sauvignon is a tribute to the unparalleled terroir of Napa Valley. It stands as a wine of distinction, perfect for those moments of contemplation or to elevate a grand feast.

2016 Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, Château Capet-Guillier, Bordeaux, France

Hailing from the historic vineyards of Saint-Émilion, the 2016 Grand Cru from Château Capet-Guillier is a splendid testament to Bordeaux’s age-old winemaking traditions and the region’s rich terroir.
The wine introduces itself with a deep ruby robe, shimmering with hints of purple, suggesting the opulence contained within. On the nose, it exudes an intricate ballet of aromas: classic notes of ripe black cherries and plums are seamlessly intertwined with subtle hints of truffle, cedarwood, and graphite, painting a complex olfactory picture.
The palate is treated to a symphony of flavours. Lush dark fruits dominate but are gracefully complemented by nuances of tobacco, dark chocolate, and a touch of velvety spice. This 2016 vintage is structured and profound, with refined tannins that caress the palate, leading to a finish that is both enduring and harmoniously balanced.
Every sip of this Grand Cru is a journey through the revered landscapes of Saint-Émilion, reflecting Château Capet-Guillier’s dedication to producing wines that resonate with elegance, depth, and a true sense of place. Perfect for special occasions or as a companion to gourmet meals, this wine stands as a proud flag bearer of Bordeaux’s illustrious reputation.

2022 Pinot Grigio Rosé Venezie Vigna Mescita Sartori

Nestled within the picturesque regions of Venezie, the 2022 Pinot Grigio Rosé by Vigna Mescita Sartori is a delightful marriage of tradition and modern winemaking brilliance.
Visually, this rosé presents itself with a delicate salmon-pink hue reminiscent of a serene Venetian sunset. The colour alone hints at the elegance and subtlety contained in every bottle. As you approach the glass, your senses are greeted with an inviting bouquet of fresh strawberries, blooming roses, and a tantalising hint of peach.
The palate is a refreshing sojourn: a medley of red berries, notably raspberries and cranberries, dances harmoniously with hints of citrus zest and a touch of melon. This Pinot Grigio Rosé is characterised by its crisp acidity, ensuring a clean, zesty finish that leaves one yearning for another sip.
Vigna Mescita Sartori, with its rich lineage in winemaking, has skillfully crafted a wine that captures the essence of the Venetian terroir, offering a drink that is both sophisticated and immensely enjoyable. This is the perfect accompaniment to light salads, seafood dishes or simply to be enjoyed on a sunlit patio with good company.

2021 Tapiz Rosé Malbec

Hailing from the renowned wine regions of Argentina, the 2021 Tapiz Rosé Malbec is a splendid rendition of how the robust Malbec grape can be skillfully crafted into a rosé that brims with vibrancy and elegance.
At first glance, the wine captures the eye with its luminous pink hue, sparkling with hints of coral, akin to a radiant Argentinian sunrise. The nose is immediately enveloped in a fragrant bouquet of fresh red berries, notably strawberries and raspberries, intertwined with subtle floral notes and a whisper of citrus.
The palate is an enchanting journey. Freshly picked cherries and pomegranates meld seamlessly with undertones of rose petals and a hint of orange zest. Despite its delicate appearance, this Rosé Malbec brings forth a surprising depth, balanced beautifully by its crisp acidity, ensuring a finish that is both refreshing and lingering.
Tapiz, known for its dedication to showcasing the unique terroir of Argentina, has outdone itself with this Rosé Malbec. It stands as a testament to the versatility of the Malbec grape and the winemaker’s artistry. It is ideal for warm afternoons, al fresco dining, or simply when the mood calls for a wine that uplifts and delights.

2021 Côtes de Provence Rosé, Miraval, France

From the sun-drenched terrains of Provence, the 2021 Miraval Rosé stands as an emblem of the region’s revered winemaking heritage, encapsulating the sheer elegance and allure of Côtes de Provence rosés.
This wine unveils itself with a mesmerising pale pink hue reminiscent of soft rose petals kissed by the morning dew. As it catches the light, subtle glimmers of peach and gold hint at its layered complexity. On the nose,
a symphony of fragrances emerges, where ripe strawberries and red currants mingle with delicate notes of white blossoms and a gentle touch of citrus zest.
On the palate, the 2021 Miraval Rosé sings with a harmonious blend of flavours. Juicy watermelon and fresh peach come forth, balanced gracefully by hints of lavender and a mineral undertone that reflects the stony soils of Provence. Its texture is both silky and vibrant, with a beautifully crisp acidity that ensures a finish as refreshing as a Mediterranean breeze.
Crafted at the esteemed Miraval estate, this Rosé is more than just a wine; it’s an experience. It transports you to the lavender fields and olive groves of Provence, making it the perfect companion for light salads, seafood, or moments of quiet reflection on a summer afternoon. With each sip, you’re savouring the soul of southern France.

2022 Blanco Sobre Lias, Care (Navarra y Aragón, Spain)

Emerging from the rich tapestry of Spain’s Navarra and Aragón regions, the 2022 Blanco Sobre Lias by Care invites wine enthusiasts into a world where traditional winemaking meets contemporary flair.
In the glass, this wine gleams with a brilliant pale gold hue, capturing the vitality of Spanish sunshine. Swirling releases a bouquet of intense aromas: fresh green apple, white peach, and a touch of almond blossom, complemented by intriguing hints of fresh bread, a nod to its ‘sobre lias’ (on the lees) ageing process.
Diving into a sip, the palate is treated to a vivacious exploration. Citrusy undertones of lemon and lime meld seamlessly with nuances of ripe pear and a hint of salted almond. The lees ageing lends a creamy, textured depth, ensuring that while the wine remains refreshing, it also offers a rich mouthfeel that lingers. The finish is clean and persistent, with a subtle mineral edge echoing the terroir of Navarra and Aragón.
Crafted with passion by the Care winery, this Blanco Sobre Lias is a tribute to the versatility and depth of Spanish white wines. Perfect for sipping alongside seafood tapas or simply enjoying on a terrace as the sun sets, it’s a bottle that beckons with the promise of a Spanish sojourn.

2022 Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie Giovanni Puiatti (Veneto, Italy)

From the heart of Italy’s famed Veneto region emerges the 2022 Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie, a masterpiece crafted by the skilled hands at the Giovanni Puiatti vineyards.
Upon pouring, the wine radiates a pale straw hue, glistening with subtle silver reflections reminiscent of Venetian waterways under the soft glow of dawn. The nose is immediately captivated by an array of aromatic expressions: fragrant pear and green apple intertwine with whispers of white flowers and a delicate mineral undertone.
Taking a sip unveils a harmonious dance of flavours on the palate. Fresh citrus notes play alongside hints of crisp nectarine and a touch of almond. Its vibrant acidity balances beautifully with its graceful body, leading to a refreshingly dry finish that lingers with a touch of salinity, echoing the breezes of the Adriatic Sea.
Giovanni Puiatti, with its deep-rooted winemaking heritage in Veneto, delivers a Pinot Grigio that not only captures the essence of the grape but also the spirit of the region. A wine that pairs perfectly with light antipasti, and seafood dishes, or simply be savoured on its own, it offers a genuine taste of Italian elegance in every glass.

2022 Tapiz Sauvignon Blanc (UCO Valley, Argentina)

From the breathtaking altitudes of Argentina’s UCO Valley, Tapiz introduces its 2022 Sauvignon Blanc—a harmonious blend of New World exuberance and classic varietal character.
As you pour, the wine reveals a shimmering pale gold complexion, hinting at the purity and vibrancy held within. A swirl of the glass releases a bouquet rich with contrasts: zesty lime and fresh-cut grass meet subtler notes of tropical fruits like passionfruit and a trace of elderflower.
On tasting, the UCO Valley’s unique terroir shines through. The wine offers a lively attack of citrus flavours, complemented by nuances of gooseberry and green bell pepper. This Sauvignon Blanc’s standout feature is its striking balance—the lively acidity and mineral backbone provide a refreshing counterpoint to its fruit-forward palette, leading to a crisp and invigorating finish.
The 2022 Tapiz Sauvignon Blanc stands as a testament to Argentina’s capability to produce world-class whites. Perfect for those seeking a refreshing wine with depth and character, it pairs seamlessly with seafood, salads, or simply the company of good friends on a warm evening.

2021 “Lugarara” Gavi di Gavi, La Giustiniana, Piemonte, Italy

From the rolling hills of Piemonte comes the exquisite 2021 “Lugarara” Gavi di Gavi by La Giustiniana. This wine is a testament to the region’s legacy and the dedication of the La Giustiniana estate to producing wines that speak of place and passion.
Visually, the wine entrances with a luminous pale yellow hue, reminiscent of sunlit Italian lemon groves. A gentle swirl releases an enchanting aroma: white peach and fresh almond blossom, subtly punctuated by hints of zesty citrus and a trace of wet stone, suggesting the wine’s deep connection to its terroir.
Upon sipping, the palate is graced with a delicate tapestry of flavours. Notes of green apple and fresh Meyer lemon dance gracefully, meeting nuances of honeysuckle and a hint of salinity. Its elegant body is finely balanced by a vibrant acidity, making for a wine that’s both refreshing and remarkably persistent in its finish.
The 2021 “Lugarara” Gavi di Gavi by La Giustiniana is more than just a wine—it’s an experience of Piemonte in a bottle. Whether paired with local cheeses, light seafood dishes, or enjoyed as a standalone pleasure, it promises to transport its drinker straight to the heart of Italy with every sip.

2020 Organistrum Albarino, Martin Codax, Salnes Valley, Galicia

From the misty shores of Galicia’s Rías Baixas emerges the 2020 Organistrum Albarino, a creation from the esteemed Martin Codax winery. This wine encapsulates the ethereal spirit of Salnes Valley, echoing the maritime whispers and the rich cultural tapestry of Galicia.
In the glass, the wine presents a captivating golden hue, kissed by the glint of Spanish sunsets. Swirling it unveils a fragrant bouquet that marries the sea with the orchard: there’s a salinity that evokes the nearby Atlantic Ocean, harmonising with vibrant notes of ripe apricot, zesty lemon, and a whisper of white jasmine.
Upon tasting, one is greeted with a burst of freshness. Bright citrus flavours meld with hints of juicy nectarine and a touch of almond. But what sets the Organistrum Albarino apart is its underlying complexity – a delicate minerality reminiscent of the granite soils of the region, interwoven with subtle herbal undertones. Its texture is smooth yet lively, with an acidity that lends the wine a refreshing and enduring finish.
The 2020 Organistrum Albarino by Martin Codax is a celebration of Galicia’s winemaking tradition. It’s an invitation to experience the coastal breezes, the verdant landscapes, and the rich heritage of the Salnes Valley. A wine that’s as versatile as it is expressive, it pairs beautifully with seafood, light pastas, or simply the joy of the moment.

2021 Florian Mollet Sancerre, Domaine Roc de l’Abbaye, Loire, France

Journeying through the iconic vineyards of the Loire Valley, one is bound to encounter masterpieces like the 2021 Florian Mollet Sancerre from Domaine Roc de l’Abbaye. This wine embodies the elegance and finesse that Sancerre is celebrated for, capturing the heart and soul of its terroir.
In its appearance, this Sancerre gleams with a pristine pale gold hue, mirroring the gentle sunlight filtering through the Loire’s vast skies. As you draw the glass closer, a symphony of aromas ascends: delicate gooseberry and freshly bloomed elderflower find harmony with crisp green apple and a touch of flintiness, revealing the region’s characteristic limestone soils.
On tasting, the wine is a revelation of layers and depth. Bright citrus notes of lemon zest intertwine with more exotic hints of passionfruit and kiwi. But what truly defines the 2021 Florian Mollet Sancerre is its impeccable balance: a vivacious acidity dances alongside a minerality that gives the wine its backbone and length. Each sip concludes with a finish that is both refreshing and lingering, like a gentle reminder of the Loire’s rolling vineyards.
Domaine Roc de l’Abbaye, with the Florian Mollet Sancerre, offers a genuine experience of the Loire Valley’s enchantment. Perfectly suited for shellfish, tangy goat cheeses, or moments of quiet reflection, this wine is a testament to the beauty that lies within every vine and grape in this storied region.

2019 Dorset Chardonnay, Bride Valley, Southern England

Venturing into the scenic landscapes of Southern England, the 2019 Dorset Chardonnay from Bride Valley stands as a testament to the region’s evolving prowess in viticulture and winemaking.
The wine, upon being poured, emanates a crystalline pale gold hue reminiscent of early morning sunlight filtering through the English countryside. Drawing the glass nearer, one is greeted with a captivating bouquet. A medley of green apple and honeydew melon finds companionship with more nuanced notes of wildflowers and a soft undertone of creamy brioche, hinting at the wine’s careful oak integration.
As the first sip graces the palate, the Dorset Chardonnay reveals its intricate character. Fresh and lively citrus flavours play harmoniously with richer hints of poached pear and toasted hazelnut. The wine’s balance is impeccable, with its cool-climate origins shining through in its bright acidity and mineral undertones, which provide structure and a lingering finish.
The 2019 Dorset Chardonnay from Bride Valley not only encapsulates the essence of Southern England’s terroir but also the passion and dedication with which it was crafted. Whether paired with classic English fare or enjoyed in its own splendid isolation, this wine stands as a proud symbol of England’s burgeoning place in the world of fine wine.

2019 Napa Valley Chardonnay, Charles Krug, Carneros, CA

The Napa Valley, with its sun-drenched valleys and maritime breezes, has given birth to countless iconic wines, and the 2019 Chardonnay from Charles Krug in Carneros stands as a paragon of this tradition.
Upon pouring, the wine reveals a radiant golden straw colour, gleaming with the promise of the sunlit Californian days from which it was born. As it meets the nose, an opulent bouquet unfolds: layers of ripe golden apple, tropical pineapple, and fragrant honeysuckle emerge, underpinned by softer whispers of vanilla bean and toasted almond, a nod to its nuanced oak aging.
When sipped, the Chardonnay offers a symphony of flavours. Rich and textured, it boasts a harmonious blend of Meyer lemon zest, creamy butterscotch, and a hint of spiced pear. What’s particularly striking about this Charles Krug creation is its balance; while the wine possesses the depth and richness characteristic of Napa Valley Chardonnays, it’s also graced with a refreshing acidity and a touch of minerality, driving towards a clean and poised finish.
The 2019 Napa Valley Chardonnay by Charles Krug from Carneros is a celebration of Californian winemaking at its best. Whether savoured alongside creamy pastas, roasted poultry, or in a moment of pure indulgence, it is a wine that speaks of place, passion, and pedigree.

2019 Duckhorn Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc, CA

The allure of Napa Valley is beautifully encapsulated in the 2019 Sauvignon Blanc crafted by Duckhorn. This wine is a vibrant tribute to the valley’s unique terroir and the mastery with which Duckhorn approaches winemaking.
Visually, the wine shimmers with a pale, luminescent hue, conjuring images of a sunlit Californian orchard. The first inhalation presents an invigorating and aromatic bouquet: think zesty lime, fresh-cut grass, and sun-ripened passionfruit. These primary notes are gracefully complemented by undertones of white peach and a hint of flinty minerality, lending the wine a layered complexity.
Taking a sip, the 2019 Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc does not disappoint. It is both vivacious and nuanced, displaying a burst of citrusy grapefruit and guava, mellowed by softer notes of honeydew melon and a touch of creamy elderflower. The wine’s mouthfeel is both crisp and round, a delightful dance between its refreshing acidity and subtle richness, perhaps attributed to a modest inclusion of Sémillon in the blend.
Duckhorn’s 2019 Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc stands as a testament to the region’s capability to produce whites that rival its world-renowned reds. Perfect for a sun-drenched afternoon, a seafood feast, or simply to toast to life’s special moments, this wine captures the essence of Napa in every sip.

NV Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOC

Emerging from the rolling hills of Veneto, Italy, the NV Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOC is a sparkling gem that captures the heart of Italian celebration and tradition.
Visually, the wine boasts a delicate straw-yellow colour, filled with persistent, fine bubbles that dance playfully in the glass. As you approach it, your senses are met with a bouquet of ripe orchard fruits: think fresh pear, green apple, and a hint of white peach. This fruity ensemble is complemented by subtle nuances of wildflowers, almonds, and a light touch of honeycomb, adding layers of depth and intrigue.
On the palate, Valdobbiadene Prosecco is a delight. It’s elegantly effervescent, with a refreshing burst of acidity that complements the wine’s fruity core. Tasting it reveals flavours of citrus zest, apricot, and a touch of minerality, characteristic of the unique terroir of Valdobbiadene. The finish is clean, crisp, and pleasantly persistent, inviting you back for another sip.
The NV Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOC is more than just a wine; it’s an expression of Italian joy and festivity. Whether raising a toast at a special occasion, pairing with light appetisers, or savouring during a relaxed evening, this Prosecco is sure to elevate the moment with its bubbly charm and sophistication.

2018 Classic Cuvee Brut, Rathfinny Wine Estate, Sussex, England

From the undulating landscapes of Sussex, the 2018 Classic Cuvee Brut by Rathfinny Wine Estate stands as a testament to England’s burgeoning prowess in the realm of sparkling wines.
In the glass, this cuvée presents a refined, pale gold hue, enlivened by a myriad of tiny, jubilant bubbles that promise a lively experience. The nose is immediately greeted with a fragrant bouquet reminiscent of an English summer garden: fresh green apples, elderflower, and a touch of honeycomb are interwoven with delicate hints of brioche and almond, showcasing its time spent ageing on lees.
Upon tasting, the wine unveils its true elegance and complexity. Crisp notes of orchard fruits, particularly pear and apple, are balanced harmoniously with undertones of lemon zest and a streak of chalky minerality, a nod to Sussex’s unique terroir. The mousse is fine and creamy, giving the wine a luxurious mouthfeel, while its bright acidity ensures a finish that’s both long and refreshing.
The 2018 Classic Cuvee Brut from Rathfinny Wine Estate is not just a wine; it’s a narrative of England’s passionate foray into the world of premium sparkling wines. Ideal for celebrations, paired with delicate seafood dishes or simply enjoyed as an aperitif, it’s a wine that speaks of innovation, tradition, and the beauty of the English countryside.

NV Brut Reserve, Pol Roger, Champagne, France

From the revered wine cellars of Epernay in Champagne comes the NV Brut Reserve by Pol Roger, a sparkling wine that effortlessly embodies the grace and time-honoured traditions of its region.
In your flute, the wine unfurls a golden, radiant hue, with a procession of fine, persistent bubbles ascending to the surface, setting the stage for a classic Champagne experience. The aroma is a fragrant tapestry of freshly baked bread, ripe Golden Delicious apples, and a touch of white peach, interspersed with hints of hazelnut and a gentle whisper of white flowers.
When sipped, the Pol Roger Brut Reserve reveals its sophisticated character. The palate is treated to a harmonious blend of citrus fruits, notably, Meyer lemon and grapefruit, complemented by subtle notes of pear and brioche. The wine’s texture is impeccably smooth, a testament to its meticulous ageing, while its vibrant acidity adds a refreshing crispness, leading to a finish that’s both elegant and enduring.
The NV Brut Reserve from Pol Roger isn’t merely a drink; it’s an experience, a journey through the heart of Champagne’s storied vineyards. Whether marking a special occasion, paired with fine hors d’oeuvres, or savoured on its own, this wine is a shining example of Champagne’s timeless allure.

Rachines Grand Reserve, Blanc de Blanc, Santa Rita Hills, California

From the sun-kissed slopes of Santa Rita Hills emerges the Rachines Grand Reserve Blanc de Blanc, a wine that captures the essence of California’s vibrant terroir and the finesse of the traditional “Blanc de Blanc” style.
In the glass, it presents a luminous pale gold, animated by a parade of spirited bubbles, hinting at its vivacious character. The first waft brings forth aromas of sun-ripened yellow apples, zesty lemon peel, and hints of blooming jasmine, layered with delicate undertones of freshly baked brioche, reflecting its meticulous ageing.
Upon tasting, the Rachines Grand Reserve unfolds its intricate tapestry of flavours. Crisp green apple and Meyer lemon shine through, harmoniously blending with nuanced notes of almond and a touch of salinity reminiscent of the ocean breezes that caress the Santa Rita Hills. The effervescence is fine and persistent, enveloping the palate in a silky mousse, while the bright acidity ensures a finish that’s both refreshing and lingering.
The Rachines Grand Reserve Blanc de Blanc stands as a tribute to the potential of Santa Rita Hills to produce sparkling wines that rival those from the world’s most celebrated regions. Perfect for commemorating moments, accompanying seafood delicacies, or simply sipping on a sunlit terrace, this wine evokes the beauty and spirit of Californian viticulture.

2012 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill, Pol Roger

Hailing from the esteemed vineyards of Champagne, France, the 2012 Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill by Pol Roger is a sparkling wine of unparalleled gravitas and complexity, crafted to honour one of history’s most illustrious figures.
Visually, the wine captivates with its luminous golden hue, imbued with a cascade of fine bubbles that promise a celebration in every sip. The aromatic profile is a masterful compilation of fragrances—aged brioche, roasted hazelnuts, and dried apricots merge seamlessly with subtle hints of white truffle and fresh tarragon.
Upon tasting, the wine unfolds like an eloquent speech. Layered flavours of candied lemon peel, ripe pear, and baked quince meet the palate, enriched by complex undertones of toasty oak and a smattering of exotic spices.



Pairing wine with soul food is an art that can enhance your dining experience. By understanding the characteristics of both the food and wine, you can create combinations that complement each other beautifully. Remember, the best pairing is one that pleases your palate. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and find your perfect pair. Happy pairing!


Frequently asked questions:

What alcohol goes with soul food?

Pairing soul food with alcohol can create a wonderful fusion of flavours, making for a delightful dining experience. Here are some perfect wine pairings:
  1. Fried Chicken: A classic soul food dish that goes well with beer, particularly a crisp and refreshing lager or pilsner. If you prefer wine, consider a sparkling wine or Champagne to contrast with the richness of the fried chicken.
  2. Collard Greens: A good pairing for collard greens, which have a slightly bitter taste, is a fruity and acidic white wine like Sauvignon Blanc. It can also be paired with a light beer like a pale ale.
  3. Cornbread: This sweet and savoury bread can be paired with a full-bodied red wine like a Malbec or a Zinfandel. Alternatively, a slightly sweet and malty beer, like a brown ale, could be a good choice.
  4. Grits: Grits are a versatile dish that can be paired with a wide range of beverages. If you are having shrimp and grits, a light white wine like a Pinot Grigio is a good option. For cheese grits, a buttery Chardonnay or a light lager would be suitable.
  5. Barbecue Ribs: The smoky and tangy flavours of barbecue ribs can be complemented by a full-bodied red wine like a Syrah or a Cabernet Sauvignon. Suppose you prefer beer; a dark and robust beer like a stout or a porter would pair well.
  6. Macaroni and Cheese: The creamy and cheesy flavours of this dish can be balanced with a crisp white wine like a Chardonnay or a light beer like a Kölsch.
  7. Hush Puppies: These deep-fried cornmeal balls can be paired with a sweet and tangy cider, which would complement their rich and savoury flavours.
  8. Catfish: Grilled or fried catfish can be paired with a light and refreshing white wine like a Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc. Alternatively, a light and crisp beer like a lager or a pilsner would work well.
  9. Red Beans and Rice: This hearty dish can be paired with a full-bodied red wine like a Merlot or a Shiraz. Suppose you prefer beer; a robust and malty beer like a brown ale or a porter would be a good choice.
  10. Sweet Potato Pie: This sweet and flavorful dessert can be paired with a sweet and rich dessert wine like a Port or a late harvest Riesling. Alternatively, a spiced beer like a pumpkin ale or a Belgian Dubbel would be a good option.
Remember, when it comes to pairing alcohol with food, it’s essential to consider your preferences and the specific flavours of the dishes you are serving. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the combinations that work best for you. Enjoy your soul food and drinks responsibly!

What’s the best wine to pair with fried chicken?

Fried chicken can be paired with a variety of wines, depending on your preference. However, some classic choices are:
  1. Sparkling Wine or Champagne: The bubbles in sparkling wine cut through the richness of fried chicken, while the acidity helps cleanse the palate. Champagne, in particular, has a high acidity and a light, crisp flavour that complements the savoury and oily notes of fried chicken.
  2. Riesling: A dry or off-dry Riesling can be a great match for fried chicken. The wine’s acidity and light sweetness work well with the salty, savoury flavours of fried chicken.
  3. Chardonnay: A buttery Chardonnay can complement the richness of fried chicken, especially if the chicken is seasoned with herbs or has a creamy sauce.
  4. Rosé: A dry rosé with good acidity can be a refreshing and light pairing for fried chicken, balancing out the heaviness of the dish.
  5. Pinot Noir: A light-bodied red wine like Pinot Noir can work well with fried chicken, as it has enough acidity to cut through the fat without overpowering the dish.
Remember that the best wine pairing for fried chicken will depend on your personal taste preferences, as well as the specific preparation and seasoning of the chicken. It’s essential to consider the flavours and spices used in the dish and choose a wine that complements those elements. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the combination that works best for you!

What wine goes with chilli?

Pairing wine with chilli can be a delightful experience, but you have to consider the spiciness and bold flavours of the chilli. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Zinfandel: Zinfandel has a fruity, spicy character that works well with chilli’s robust flavours. The wine’s moderate tannins and full body can balance out the heaviness of chilli.
  2. Syrah (Shiraz): Syrah is known for its bold flavours, which can complement a spicy chilli. Its dark fruit and spicy notes can enhance the complexity of the dish.
  3. Malbec: This wine’s ripe fruit flavours and soft tannins make it a good match for chilli. Its juicy character can help counterbalance the spiciness of the dish.
  4. Merlot: A fruit-forward Merlot can work well with chilli, especially if it has a touch of sweetness to counter the spiciness. Its soft tannins and round body can complement the dish’s texture.
  5. Cabernet Sauvignon: This wine’s full body and tannic structure can stand up to Chilli’s bold flavours. Its dark fruit and earthy notes can complement the meatiness and spices of the dish.
  6. Chardonnay: If you prefer white wine, a rich and buttery Chardonnay can be a good match for chilli, especially if it has a creamy texture. Its full body and roundness can balance the dish’s spiciness.
  7. Gewürztraminer: This white wine has a touch of sweetness and aromatic spices that can work well with chilli. Its medium body and acidity can help cleanse the palate between bites.
  8. Rosé: A dry rosé with good acidity can be a refreshing and light pairing for chilli, balancing out the spiciness and richness of the dish.
When pairing wine with chilli, consider the specific flavours and spices used in the dish, as well as your personal taste preferences. If the chilli is exceptionally spicy, a slightly sweeter wine can help temper the heat. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the combination that works best for you!

Does sweet or dry wine go with steak?

Generally, dry wines are preferred with steak due to their ability to complement the rich, savoury flavours of the meat. However, the right wine for your steak depends on the cut, preparation, and personal preference. Here are some perfect wine pairings:
  1. Cabernet Sauvignon: A full-bodied red wine with high tannins and dark fruit flavours, Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic pairing for steak, particularly cuts like ribeye or New York strip.
  2. Syrah (Shiraz): Known for its bold flavours and spicy notes, Syrah pairs well with grilled or smoked steaks, especially those with a peppery rub.
  3. Malbec: This wine’s ripe fruit flavours and soft tannins make it a good match for steak, especially cuts like skirt or flank steak.
  4. Merlot: A fruit-forward wine with moderate tannins, Merlot works well with leaner cuts of steak like filet mignon or tenderloin.
  5. Zinfandel: A bold, spicy wine with a touch of sweetness, Zinfandel pairs well with barbecue or spicy marinated steaks.
  6. Chardonnay: If you prefer white wine, a rich and buttery Chardonnay can complement a steak with a creamy sauce.
Generally, dry wines with high tannins work best with steak, as the tannins help to cut through the fat and enhance the meat’s flavours. However, if you prefer sweeter wines, a wine like Zinfandel with a touch of sweetness can still work well with steak, especially if it has a spicy rub or sauce.
Ultimately, the best wine for your steak depends on your personal taste preferences and the specific flavours and preparation of the dish. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the combination that works best for you!

Is Pinot Noir or Merlot better with steak?

Both Pinot Noir and Merlot can be excellent choices for the perfect wine pairings with steak, depending on the cut of the steak and your personal preferences.
  1. Pinot Noir: This light-to-medium-bodied red wine has a bright acidity and delicate red fruit flavours. It’s a good choice for leaner cuts of steak like filet mignon or sirloin. The wine’s acidity can help cut through the richness of the meat, while the subtle fruitiness can complement the steak’s flavours. Pinot Noir is also a good choice if the steak is served with a mushroom or red wine sauce.
  2. Merlot: This medium-to-full-bodied red wine is known for its ripe fruit flavours, smooth tannins, and round body. It’s a versatile choice that pairs well with a wide range of steaks, especially those with a bit more fat, like ribeye or New York strip. The wine’s fruitiness can enhance the steak’s savoury flavours, while the smooth tannins can complement the meat’s texture.
Ultimately, the best wine for your steak depends on your personal taste preferences and the specific flavours and preparation of the dish. If you prefer a lighter and more delicate wine, go for Pinot Noir. If you prefer a fuller and fruitier wine, go for Merlot. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the combination that works best for you!